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Tips for pregnant women

Where were these tips when I was pregnant! All women are familiar with certain inconveniences during such a beautiful, but such a difficult life span. It's good that modernity offers many convenient solutions for expectant mothers! Once everything was completely different ...

Advice to pregnant women

  1. Kinesiotype - an elastic band on an adhesive basis, which is used in sports medicine. Help to facilitate the carrying of the child! This miracle removes the load from the muscles and even improves blood circulation.
  2. Advice to pregnant women in the early stages

  3. Kinesiotype can be used to support the chest!
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  5. Yoga for pregnant women - the best way to defeat aching pain in the back. In addition, such exercises help with nausea!
  6. Advice to pregnant women

  7. An inflatable ring will relieve tension from the back and help remember what it is like to lie on your stomach.
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  9. When the chest swells and hurts, a bra brazed in the refrigerator will help!
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  11. Perfect outfit: an extra belt will protect against any inconvenience.
  12. Tips for pregnant women

  13. A leather belt over the stomach will give elegance to the outfits for pregnant women!
  14. Advice to pregnant women

  15. Inflatable mattress for pregnant women With a special groove for the abdomen! Just wow ...
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  17. Make an extra belt you can yourself, an unnecessary T-shirt will do!
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  19. Such a pillow will become the best friend of a pregnant woman!
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  21. A sports bra-top with success will replace linen for pregnant women.
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  23. Raw pumpkin seeds are the No. 1 remedy for heartburn, which so often happens in pregnant women. Apple cider vinegar diluted in the proportion of 1 tsp will also help cope with the unpleasant condition. On 1 tbsp. water.
  24. Advice to pregnant women in the early stages

  25. scrunchy - an excellent solution if your favorite jeans are no longer fastened.
  26. Advice to pregnant women in the early stages

I'm delighted with each of these Advice on pregnancy!! Show your friends this article, if you liked it too. It's nice to remember this special condition ...