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How to sew underwear

This thing is insanely beautiful and quite uncomplicated inTailoring! Exquisite lace underwear is expensive ... but if you have minimal skills in sewing, you can easily make such beauty yourself.

The main thing is to choose a quality material forFashionable underwear. Good lace perfectly tolerates washing, keeps the form and will please its gorgeous look a happy owner for a long time. Look how it's done!

How to sew lace underwear

How to sew underwear

This short video proves that Sew lace underwear Is a very real task! Except lace, you will need simple materials and tools: scissors, pattern, measuring tape, needles and threads. The only difficulty is the use of a sewing machine, but if you do not have it, some girlfriend will definitely have ...

Here's how to make a pattern for lacy underwear!

But the very process of making an amazing set.

I hope you liked this idea! Underwear of the most expensive brands is sewn by hand. 70% of women suffer from the fact that they can not choose clothes exactly by their standards, because every female figure is unique! A wonderful way out is to create a delicate little thing with your own hands.

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