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What to do if swelling

Swollen feet - more than a simple nuisance. This is a painful, tiring state, and it can not always be overcome by a passive rest in the bed ...

Causes of edema Numerous: From prolonged sitting during travel to uncomfortable shoes and poor kidney work. I recommend not to rush to take all kinds of medications and dispense with the means tested by more than one generation. I always help number 5!

What to do with swelling of the feet

What to do with swelling

  1. Chilled cabbage leaf
    Cabbage will help get rid of the terrible swelling of the legs! Place the sheets in the refrigerator, apply them cold to the most problem areas.
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  3. drinking water
    If you drink a little, especially in the hot season, the body keeps excess water and swelling arises! Drink as much water as possible - from this procedure some pluses. This is what is recommended in the first place Do with swelling Nutritionists!
  4. What to do with swelling of the feet

  5. Boiled rice with soda
    Mix a little boiled rice with soda and attach this compress to your foot. Swelling will go away extremely quickly!
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  7. Eucalyptus bath
    Eucalyptus is useful not only koalas! A bath with the addition of a pair of drops of essential oil of eucalyptus - a remedy for instant relief from edema. Eucalyptus will help stimulate blood circulation, and the feet will immediately feel better!
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  9. Bath with sea salt
    A bath with sea or Himalayan salt: an express remedy for swelling! A few table spoons of salt just add to the pelvis with water.
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  11. Magnesium in food
    If the body has enough magnesium, swelling is not terrible. Eat more products with this useful element: green leafy vegetables, cocoa, nuts, buckwheat porridge, oat flakes, eggs - affordable food for health promotion!
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  13. ice
    If you attach ice to the legs, the blood vessels narrow, and discomfort will pass!
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I think it will not be superfluous to share with these friends these useful recipes: in the hot season, foot swelling becomes a curse for many. "so simple!" Wishes you good health!