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Gadgets for the kitchen

When I was given this device for cutting bread,I reacted with suspicion to him. I never knew how to cut bread beautifully, knives - this is clearly not my ... but, using this thing, I almost burst into tears from the excess of feelings.

Each slice of bread looked perfect, all the same, you can easily cut even the freshest loaf! Never in my life did it work for me, but simple Kitchen gadget Everything has changed. I wanted to give someone something as exclusive!

The most useful kitchen fixtures for Aliexpress Selected the entire edition "so simple!", Especially for dear readers. Happiness is in the details! Having looked at these useful and such nice kitchen things, I once again became convinced of this ... we spend so much time in the kitchen, we live there a whole separate life. There is a reason to improve it!

Kitchen gadgets

  1. Slicer Will help to cut any products into the thinnest slices! The whole value of this device is realized when you cut a hard smoked sausage.
    Buy for 770 rubles
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  3. Here's how to cut potatoes true lovers of French fries!
    Buy for 1200 rubles
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  5. Special Scissors for cutting Any greens!
    Buy for 778 rubles
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  7. A razor with which it is extremely easy to clean and cut any fruits and vegetables.
    Buy for 93 rubles
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  9. Cut meat, onions, potatoes, tomatoes with even thin slices will help this miracle.
    Buy for 296 rubles
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  11. A device for cutting vegetables. Every piece is perfect!
    Buy for 138 rubles
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  13. I need it! Protection for fingers, Which will never be superfluous in the kitchen.
    Buy for 54 rubles
  14. Kitchen gadgets

  15. With the help of this cunning little thing, you can extract the core and the bones from the fruit.
    Buy for 111 rubles
  16. Kitchen gadgets

  17. Mini-grater for garlic!! It will not have to be washed for a long time, like a press for garlic, and grated garlic will add a special flavor to dishes.
    Buy for 70 rubles
  18. Kitchen gadgets

  19. Slicing a banana in 2 seconds!
    Buy for 170 rubles
  20. Kitchen gadgets

  21. Cut the apple without any unnecessary hassle. For all who do not like to eat it whole.
    Buy for 66 rubles
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  23. A magical invention! Any fruit can at the moment be decorated with original curly lobules. So create fruit bouquets!
    Buy for 378 rubles
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  25. Here such a thing is in my house. I can not tell you how much I like it! If you bake bread yourself, it is an indispensable thing ...
    Buy for 460 rubles
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  27. Cut cakes for a cake or a biscuit - it's a matter of minutes, if you have this gadget ...
    Buy for 500 rubles
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  29. Beer bottle opener, Which hangs on the wall! Perfectly fit into the interior, the convenience and talk is not necessary ... great!
    Buy for 1000 rubles
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  31. Brush for washing dishes, which will do all the dirty work for you. Women's hands deserve to be gentle!
    Buy for 87 rubles
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  33. Sponge, which will help to wash refined glass glasses without difficulties!
    Buy for 59 rubles
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  35. Silicone grater For washing vegetables. Can be used as a tack. Then that's it!
    Buy for 46 rubles
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  37. Stand-organizer For different sponges and rags. Neat look so cheers up!
    Buy for 380 rubles
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  39. Basket for washed dishes: always at hand, the dishes are dried over the sink. To hell, cool!
    Buy for 636 rubles
  40. Interesting kitchen gadgets

I hope to receive as a gift a couple more such wonderful devices! Especially liked the grater for garlic: with garlic crochet Soviet model, I have a rather complicated relationship.

How wonderful that such cunning things have now become so accessible and can facilitate women's labor. If you agree with me, dear reader, show this article to your friends!