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Lifshaki for girls

Every girl spends a lot of time toLook good, but often all efforts are in vain because of common mistakes that we make, caring for ourselves. Today our editorial board will share with you simple tricks that will save your beauty and allow Look younger than one's years...

Lifhaki for girls

  1. With daily care of the body can not ignore the neck and décolleté. It is here that the first signs of skin aging are most visible. Regularly moisturize these areas, to 40 look at 30!
    Creaming on the neck
  2. How often do you do yourBrushes for make-up? They accumulate harmful bacteria that cause the appearance of pimples and even irritation. Wash the brush should be at least 2 times a week.
    Wash make-up brushes
  3. Many girls often use facial scrubs,Cleaning their skin to squeak. This is a very bad habit, because together with the dead cells you wash off the protective layer of the skin. For daily cleansing, gentle means, such as enzyme or glycol peels, should be used.
    Facial scrub
  4. Proper nutrition is the key to a beautiful appearance. People who eat vegetable and protein foods, suffer less from skin problems.
    Proper nutrition
  5. The constant tightening of hair with an elastic band damages their structure. Do this kind of hairstyle not more often than once a week.
    Damage to hair elastic
  6. The wrong combination of cosmetics can causeHarm your skin. Knowingly cosmetologists insist that we use cosmetics of the same brand. The secret lies in the conflict of ingredients from different manufacturers.
    How to choose make-up for make-up
  7. Any make-up should be washed off at night and the skin should be restored after the make-up.
    Has forgotten to wash off a make up
  8. Do not forget to use sunscreen to prevent premature skin aging.
    Sunscreen is good
  9. Frequent use of hot water negatively affects the skin: it loses its elasticity. Lovers of hot bath should luxuriate in it no more than 1 time per week.
    Hot bath is good and bad
  10. Girls who often dry their hair with a hair dryer should remember this trick: to avoid damage, sushi hair warm, but not hot air.
    To dry hair with a hair dryer or not

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