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Little tricks

For the sake of beauty women are ready if not for everything, then certainly for a lot! Even wearing inconvenient things, too high heels and underwear, in which it is difficult to breathe ...

But do not forget about comfort! Beauty does not necessarily mean inconvenience and difficulty, believe me. I hasten to offer you this short but very useful list Best advice for women. Most of all I was impressed with the trick with the dress: now I fasten the long zipper myself, if there is nobody to call for help!

little tricks

  1. So that the bra straps do not look out from under sleeves, use a plastic clip and secure them in front.
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  2. With the help of ordinary hair bands, you can zip up jeans that are too tight at the waist! The trick is suitable not only for pregnant women: the owner of an apple-like figure will appreciate it.
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  3. An excellent trick for sports girls! Sewing this small cover on the inside of shorts, you can comfortably ride a bike. In addition, improved shorts for fitness will look much more decent and fit only what you need to cover ...
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  4. Often even the most expensive linen painfully crashes because of the bones, which eventually rub the skin. The way out is to improve the bra, sewing small patches on the problem areas.
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  5. White traces of deodorant - an annoying phenomenon. Pour a little stain of vodka or alcohol on the white spot, and it will quickly disappear! Then you should wash the item in the usual mode.

    If you need to urgently remove the spots that have just appeared, use the underside of the clothes: rub the spot with the spot on the other side of the fabric. Works faultlessly!

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  6. Scotch will help get rid of ugly sticking fabric near the buttons. The appearance changes radically!
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  7. Using a paper clip, it is easy to fasten the bracelet. I regret that earlier this reception was unknown to me ...
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  8. That's such a tricky method you can zip up a dress. Try it, and you'll do it all the time - the most convenient way!
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  9. Spools on clothes are very easy to clean with a razor. A pair of movements is enough ...
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I will be very happy if Useful tips for women Will come to the rescue at the right time! If you find these tips helpful, show them to your friends - so you want to share with others your discoveries ...