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Signs of heart disease

Heart disease Not always immediately manifest themselves clinically. A person can feel great and be active, and then suddenly die from a heart attack!

Obesity, smoking and a sedentary lifestyle are the main enemies of the cardiovascular system of the body. But heart problems can be overtaken even by those who closely monitor their health ...

It's good that there is an elementary test that will help determine if your heart is in order! I just checked myself and am glad that for now I have nothing to worry about.


Signs of heart disease

Sit on the floor and stretch your legs forward, hold your fingersFeet raised up. Pull your hand forward and touch the tips of your toes. If you do it with ease, you can say with certainty: your cardiovascular system works without unnecessary loads and failures, heart diseases Will bypass you by side!

If the body is not flexible enough, most likely,You already have heart problems. The fact is that "wooden", inflexible people have hard blood vessels! This group of people have circulatory disorders due to lack of Of collagen, Making the vessels elastic and young.

Rigid, slow-moving, inflexible muscles of the back andLegs indicate a direct path to the cardiologist! Because the muscles contain as much collagen as the blood vessels, they can be used to judge the state of the blood vessels throughout the body.

Be in good shape and do not forget to followYour body! It always tells you what you need to do in order to improve your state of health - you just need to listen carefully ... tell us about this important test for your friends!