/ How to effectively lose weight

How to effectively lose weight

Today we will tell you about a fantastic reincarnation. This girl's name is kristina carter, and before her weight exceeded the mark of 125 kilograms!

All the blame was love! She very much loved to eat and ate even at night. And she also loved her young man, who only encouraged her addiction to tasty and abundant food.

How to effectively lose weight

  1. It's hard to believe, but Kristina spent about $ 2,000 a month on gluttony!
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  2. Her health is greatly shaken, and over timeKristine it became difficult even to climb the stairs! It was necessary to do something urgently. Desperate, the girl decided to bandage the stomach. But this procedure did not have the proper effect, soon she again scored excess weight.
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  3. Realizing that she too hoped for the operation, Kristina began to go to the gym and even hired a personal trainer.
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  4. In just 16 months she managed to lose weight by 70 kilograms!
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  5. Also there were changes in the girl's private life. She realized that it's time to get rid of not only Excess weight, But also from the burden of heavy relations.
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  6. Today, Kristina does not stop fighting for a beautiful body, she regularly engages in the gym and switched to healthy food.
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Kristina is a vivid example of the fact that allOur desires can become a reality, you just need to make a little effort. If you were inspired by this story about effective weight loss, tell about it to your friends!