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How to cook on the grill

If you at least once cooked on the grill or on the A barbecue grill, You know the situation when you try to put food carefully, but it sticks to the grate, breaks and loses its appetizing appearance.

Today we will share with you the secret of masterful handling with a grill. Doing this simple trick, you can forever forget about sticking food to the grate ...

How to cook on a barbecue grill

How to cook on the grill

Remember that food sticks to the uncleaned lattice. Take it as a rule to clean the grill before each use. In order for food to be easily removed from the grate surface, the following should be done: cut the raw potatoes and lead the cut edge along the bars of the grate.

Before starting to cook, grill the surface well. This will also facilitate the removal of toasted food from the grill.

We hope that our simple lifhak will help you become a real grill master. Share this useful trick for a picnic with your friends, make life easier for them!