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Garden on the balcony

Lemons and oranges in pots now no one surprise, and First harvest From a tree grown from a stone, to wait too long. Whether it's apples and pears, cherries, plums, peaches and nectarines!

A completely new trend in gardening - Varieties of fruit and berry trees With the prefix nano-, implying that the plant is dwarfish.

Garden on the balcony

Just imagine: the garden can now be broken right on the balcony or terrace in pots, tubs, barrels ...

These babies grow to 1.20 m, and their fruits are not inferior neither in flavor nor in size in that they give the usual fruit-berry trees.

True, these trees require a little more attention. The soil for them should be selected fertile and breathable, and the volume of the tub should be at least 30 liters.

In the tanks must be the presence of drainage to avoid stagnation of water and decay of the roots.

place Pots with seedlings Need in sunny places without drafts, and whenFirst frosts to clean plants in a garage or other warm and enclosed space. Every year it is necessary to cut trees to form a beautiful crown.

Subject to regular watering and fertilization (especially potash and nitrogen fertilizers), dwarf fruit trees will give a generous and rich harvest!

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