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Dresses for jeans

How annoying, when still almost new jeans are rubbed between the legs ... with guidance from "so simple!" you With easy fix muffled jeans, So much so that the traces of repair will not be noticeable at all.

Jeans between the legs were worn

Patches for jeans

The situation will be saved by properly imposed patch From the same piece of jeans. By the way, for this reason it is better not to throw off the trimming of the pants, when the thing is fitted for growth.

Repair of jeans

You will need

  • Color matching patch
  • Piece of self-adhesive fleece
  • Thread
  • scissors
  • Figured scissors with denticles
  • sewing machine


  1. Gently trim the ragged edge of the hole.
  2. How to fix jeans

  3. Prepare the patch: in size, it should be slightly larger than the hole. From the underside of the jeans around the perimeter of the glue aperture Pieces of non-woven fabric. Impose a patch.
  4. How to put a patch on jeans

  5. With the help of an iron, glue the patch: under the influence of heat, the interlining will glue the fabric.
  6. How to put a patch on jeans

  7. Process the window with a patch around the perimeter first with a small seam, and then zigzag.
  8. How to put a patch on jeans

  9. To cut off unnecessary threads.
  10. How to put a patch on jeans

  11. Figured scissors cut off the protruding edges of the patch, and then once again go through the iron from the underside ...
  12. How to put a patch on jeans

  13. ... and from the front.
  14. How to put a patch on jeans

  15. The thing is ready for socking again!
  16. Beautiful patch on jeans

Very neatly turned out! Now no holes and rubbing my jeans are not terrible. Although, if a favorite pair of jeans will become worthless, it can always be changed into something absolutely incomparable ...

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