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Cream for the heels

Coarse skin - The problem is very common. The cause of this phenomenon can be poor-quality footwear, which does not allow sufficient air and does not allow the skin to breathe.

The fact is that most of the year our feetAre in a confined space. The skin then does what sweats, gets tired, dries up and even crack. To avoid problems with coarsened heels, it is enough to use this simple tool.

Cracks on the heels how to get rid

Cream for heels

You will need

  • 20 g of calendula ointment
  • 10 g of liquid vitamin A (1 ampoule)

Mix these ingredients carefully in a smallCapacity. Here, in fact, and everything - the miracle cream is ready! If your heels need urgent care, conduct a vitamin assault. For one week each evening, steam your feet, treat them with pumice stone and lubricate with this cream for the night. Putting on cotton socks, go to bed.

After such treatment course Cracks on the heels Heal for a long time, and the skin becomes smooth andWell-groomed. In the future it will be sufficient to apply the drug once a week. Tell your friends about this miraculous cream, because surely they also faced this problem!