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What not to give

The great prophetess Vanga once said: "You should rejoice at one's gifts, others beware." In fact, according to popular signs, there are Gifts with negative energy, From which it is better to refuse.

"so simple!" Proposes to understand what objects promise troubles and what you need to know in order to protect yourself and your relatives from misfortunes.

That you can not give

  1. knife
    Knives, scissors and any other piercing-cuttingObjects a man must acquire himself. In things with a point too much negative energy accumulates. If the donor is very much insistent, try to buy from him this item, albeit for a purely symbolic fee.
    Knife with a thread on the handle
  2. clock
    This item counts the time. It seems to be nothing special, but it's natural for a watch to stop. So that such a gift does not symbolize the end of a happy life, it is better to give him several coins for him.
    pocket watch
  3. purse
    Taking an empty wallet as a gift, you risk losing your luck money. Although a penny, but it must be in it! It is better to buy off such a gift, so that the world does not go ...
    Soft wallet
  4. handkerchief
    In the cultures of many peoples there is a tradition to give funeral handkerchiefs. This subject is closely related to tears and sorrow. And paper napkins are much more practical ...
    Embroidered handkerchief
  5. pearl
    Such a gift can attract trouble, loss and illness. In many countries, pearls symbolize the inconsolable tears of widows and orphans.
    Jewelry with pearls
  6. mirror
    The mirror is too mystical a thing to easily give and receive it. It is believed that it can take away beauty, youth and vitality. Especially it is necessary to be afraid of antique mirrors.
    Mirror in an old frame
  7. Gloves
    With gloves associated a lot of magical rituals aimed at personal control. Therefore such things are accepted to be exchanged (eye for eye, as they say).
    Leather men's gloves

to People's signs It is possible to be treated differently: to laugh, to be surprised and even to be indignant. The main thing is that if a gift is presented with a pure heart and an open mind, then no mystical powers can harm you!

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