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How to lose weight fast by 5 kg

Restore vivacity, strengthen immunity, raise the level of energy will help this affordable tool! In addition, thanks to him, you can Quickly lose 5 kg per week. This is my salvation from the weakness caused by spring avitaminosis and from any mood swings!

Losing weight

How fast to lose weight by 5 kg

To quickly bring the figure in order and regain confidence in its own irresistibility, it is recommended to use this wonderful tool.

However, it is also imperative that the nextConditions: drink 1 tbsp. Water 15 minutes before each meal - this will help you control the level of appetite, wash out all the excess from the body and get rid of fat deposits without harm to health.

Mixture for the activation of vitality

Salt and sugar


  • 1 tsp. Sea salt
  • 5 tsp. Brown sugar


Mix sea salt and brown sugar in a ratio of 1: 5. Store the finished product in a tightly closed glass jar.

Every evening put under the tongue a pinch of thisAn amazing mixture and leave it to melt without washing with water. Salt and sugar, taken in this way, will help you regulate blood sugar levels, cope with stress, restore the balance of microelements in the body.

Sodium, which will enter the body with crystals of salt, will be assimilated completely and will ensure proper cellular exchange during sleep. And this is the key to good metabolism and rapid weight loss!

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