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Tomato mask

I want to warn right away: Unfortunately, this amazing mask does not suit people with very sensitive skin and those who are prone to allergies. Tomatoes - a special product that effectively and quickly affects the skin. But all the rest just a sin not to try such an effective tool!

Enlarged pores, inflammation, redness, unpleasant scars: a tomato can correct many skin imperfections and refresh it ... this is the most budgetary method for quickly improving your appearance.

Tomato mask at home

Tomato mask

Can be used as a slice of tomato, andTomato gruel: the effect will still not be long in coming. Leave the vegetable mask on your face, then wash with warm water and use the usual moisturizing tonic for your skin type. You can keep the mask for about an hour, but even 15 minutes will be enough to transform!

Very good Mask for problem skin: Relieves inflammation immediately! The whole secret is that the acidity of tomatoes helps to establish the correct ph-balance of the skin. Also vitamins a, c, e and b6, present in tomatoes, increase skin tone, smooth wrinkles, improve blood circulation and complexion.

A mask from a tomato - the first tool if you want to look 100%. Try it, I'm sure you'll be very pleased with the result!