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Mold in the house

Did you notice brown, gray, black, yellow spots on the wall or on food? Get to know this mold!! Unfortunately it can not be hidden from it, it is everywhere. Scientists have calculated that one cubic meter of air in large industrial cities contains about 500 spores of mold fungi. Let's consider the most common types.

Mold in the house

  1. Black mold
    This type of mold is most often found inRooms with high humidity: raw entrances, cellars, cellars, bathrooms, toilets. If you disturb the fungus, its spores fly away instantly.

    He poses a particular danger to the bodyMan, causing asthma and bronchitis. If this fungus is present for a long time in the room, people experience discomfort in the form of headache, nasal congestion, lacrimation and throat swelling.

  2. Black mold

  3. White mold
    White mold is not as toxic as black, but alsoIt should be feared: it is a strong allergen. This fungus most often chooses a place for dwelling on trees, plants, bread or cheese. With prolonged contact with white mold, even oncological diseases can occur.
  4. White mold

  5. Green mold
    Such mold is most often seen onFood products. It can very quickly expand both on the surface and inside. If you find green mold on food, you should immediately get rid of them.

    Consumption of food with green mold threatensSerious poisoning. This kind of mold fungi can also spread on construction materials, especially on bricks. A small fungus can destroy the whole building!

  6. Green mold

To get rid of such an unpleasant neighborhood,Specialists should be involved in this matter. They will do a special analysis to determine the type of fungus and will carry out all the necessary measures for the safe fight against it. A good prophylaxis against mold will become frequent airing of the premises.

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