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Natural makeup

Most likely, you are familiar with such a popular method today in make-up, like Contouring. Kim Kardashian is the most popular supporter of this technique.


Skilfully made contouring really emphasizes facial features, helps to adjust its shape, gives expressiveness ... but it is absolutely not suitable for Everyday make-up - too much time is required to thoroughly blend the color boundaries. And how to be with all these layers of toning means in the summer heat?

Natural makeup

Non-contouring, or Anticontrol, - a new trend of the summer-2016 season. In order to make the skin as smooth and radiant as possible, and facial features expressive, you need only a light cream-in-cream as a base, a powder of several shades to Pick out the cheekbones, And a highlighter for accents.

Learn how to repeat this Technique of natural make-up, With video from "so simple!".

Indeed, this make-up makes a person like a supermodel! It is very useful for a hot season, and also suitable for owners of oily and combination skin.

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