/ How to heal a heel spur

How to cure a heel spur

Heel spur is a disease, the main symptom of which is a strong Pain in the heel. Because of the appearance of a small spiny bone growth, a person experiences terrible discomfort, stepping on a sore spot. When walking or heavy loads, pain is only intensified.

Excess weight, problems with the spine, flat feet - all this can trigger the onset Heel spurs. Unfortunately, most of all to this diseaseWomen are predisposed ... Today we will share with you an effective method of combating the disease. This compress will help relieve the pain, and then completely rid you of the heel spurs!

How to heal a heel spur at home

How to heal a heel spur

You will need

  • Bile
  • Sterile gauze
  • Tubular bandage

Application of

  1. Well soak gauze with bile.
  2. Fasten it with a tubular bandage on the heel.
  3. Then your main task is to warm your leg. Put on warm socks and go to bed.

Use a compress with Medical bile Every day before going to bed. To completely get rid of the pain, you need to spend at least 15-20 treatment procedures.

Health to you and your loved ones, do not forget to share this useful article with them! But we have plenty of tips for you to take care of your little heels.