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Egg in vinegar

The ordinary chicken egg is capable of glowing, jumping, dumping the shell! If you have any doubts about this, I hasten to dispel them ...

What you will see now is a great idea for holding exciting leisure time with children and never growing up with a respectable age. Such a trick with the egg will appeal to absolutely everyone!

The egg in the vinegar glows

Egg in vinegar

You will need

  • 1 egg
  • Glass beaker
  • vinegar

If a chicken egg is placed in vinegar, An amazing chemical reaction will occur. Acids contained in vinegar, and calcium, which is so much in the eggshell - a magic mixture! Watch the video and see for yourself. I was amazed, especially at the last minute of the viewing ...

I liked very much when the shell beganBubble - vinegar did the trick! It happens in 5-6 hours, after you put the egg in a glass with vinegar, have in mind such information when you are going to hold a fascinating experiment.

How extraordinary is such an elastic rubber eggLooks, if you enlighten him with a flashlight ... I will definitely show this trick to my nephews! If you are inspired by this idea and also decide to entertain someone so, I will be very grateful to you!