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Massage from headache

If you are tired, your head hurts, your brain is badThinks and there is absolutely no energy - try to conduct this procedure! After 45 seconds you will certainly feel better, and if you repeat such a wonderful self-massage regularly, migraines will retreat forever.

Massage from headache

Massage from headache

some Zones of the head Are particularly sensitive to the effects. One of them is a hollow between the eyebrows. Lightly press on it and gently massage. In a minute, there will be no trace of a headache, and your general condition will improve!

Plus frontal head massage

  1. Prevention of headaches
  2. Getting rid of stress
  3. Improve circulation in the head and neck area
  4. Treatment of insomnia
  5. Normalization of eye pressure
  6. Stimulation of the brain

now you know, How to do head massage With a magical effect! Do not waste time in vain - just try it, and I know that the result will please you ... do not forget to give this valuable advice to your friends by showing them our article!