/ How to apply makeup

How to apply makeup

Usually the girls apply makeup with the help of a sponge,Sponge or fingers. And no one even suspects that this is a fatal mistake ... especially unlucky in this case, girls with non-ideal skin. If you have enlarged pores, you should act quite differently! The result is impressive.

Apply correct make-up

How to apply makeup

One small detail will completely change the externalThe look of your skin! It does not matter what kind of concealer or foundation you use, it is important, with the help of what you put it on your skin. Choosing the right brush, you can achieve a stunning effect!

To hide any shortcomings, apply tonal means point and with the help of a brush. The brush will help smooth out the surface of the skin, the pores will become almost invisible! Watch a video about how Apply correct make-up.

Now I do only so - the way surprised me with a chic effect! The skin looks refreshed, all the shortcomings are hidden, no enlarged pores ...

I hope you also used this trick! Show your friends how you can Apply makeup at home, They will definitely appreciate.