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Advice for girls

Specially for our beloved readers we have put together the best techniques that help to look after yourself! Hopefully they will be useful to you ...

Tips for girls

  1. The most reliable way to disguise the circles under the eyes is to apply the concealer, imitating the shape of the triangle.
    How to properly disguise circles under the eyes
  2. Dry pencil can scratch the delicate skin of the eyelid. To avoid this, warm up his rod with a lighter.
    White pencil on the lower eyelid
  3. So that the smell of perfume lasted as long as possible,Apply them to the so-called pulse points. In these places the blood vessels are close to the skin and the temperature of these parts of the body is slightly higher. All this contributes to the disclosure and spread of the fragrance.
    How to apply perfume so that there is a plume
  4. To fix the lipstick on the lips will help this simple trick. After applying a favorite color, apply a napkin to your lips, and then thoroughly put them on.
    How to fix lipstick on lips
  5. So that the lipstick does not stain the teeth, after applying the lip to the index finger.
    How to make sure that the lipstick does not stain the teeth
  6. So that the shadows stayed as long as possible and looked brighter, bring the eyelid as a base with a white pencil.
    To keep shadows longer
  7. It is not necessary to throw out good brushes from the carcass. Just use an old brush with a new ink.
    Brush from carcass
  8. To make your lips look more plump, make a wide swab in the center with a white pencil.
    How to make your lips plump with makeup
  9. Powder will help create the effect of false eyelashes!
    Effect of false eyelashes at home
  10. If you do not have a line, do not get upset! Use ordinary mascara to make arrows.
    Mascara as eyeliner
  11. A sponge with a bow will help to make this simple trick.
    Lips makeup bow
  12. The easiest way to do an evening make-up!
    Figs ice at home
  13. To properly paint the line of eyelash growth, try this lifhak!
    Make arrows in pencil
  14. That's how easy it is to make smokey eyes.
    Figs ice at home
  15. Use a coin to get the leftover powder.
  16. How to get loose powder

  17. If you accidentally broke shiny shadows, mix them with clear varnish and get a unique shade!
    How to get loose powder
  18. Clean the skin of the lips from dead cells will help the toothbrush.
    How to clean your lips
  19. You can make perfectly smooth arrows with an ordinary spoon.
    How to make arrows in front of eyes
  20. If your favorite powder is broken, do not panic! Just add a few drops of alcohol to it and tamp the mixture with a paper towel.
    If the powder is broken what to do
  21. Use a credit card for an even line of shadows and eyeliner.
    How to make arrows in front of eyes

Hope you liked these useful lifhaki for beauty. Do not forget to share them with your friends!