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Means against graying

Sooner or later gray hair appears at all. The first Gray hairs Many begin to grieve by the age of 25. Premature discoloration of the strands is often associated not with the general aging of the body, but can be caused by genetic factors, a violation of the thyroid gland, a lack of magnesium in the body experienced by severe stress ...


As it were, but the only way to hide the gray hair is staining. And since in the composition of store colors you can find almost the entire table of Mendeleev, "so simple!" Offers to cook and try out Natural means for painting gray hair.

Graying agent

This product is suitable for painting gray hair on light brown, dark blond and chestnut hair. If you are the owner of those ordinary potato peelings Will help to return your locks a natural shade.

potato peelings

The recipe for natural dimmer is simple: Pre-wash the tubers thoroughly, cut them off the skin, fill the potato with water in a ratio of 1: 2 and cook on medium heat for 30 minutes. Cool and strain. After washing hair with shampoo abundantly moisten the locks with potato broth. Hold the tool for 20 minutes, and then wash it off.

A natural remedy for gray hair

You can see the experiment using potato broth in this video.

Who tried this method of staining, say that their hair is noticeably darkened, become much softer and more obedient when stacked.

The process of graying is irreversible, but it is possible to slow it down: give up bad habits, fully feed, regularly massage your head.

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