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Stylish wardrobe

Every woman wants always look attractive. Well-chosen accessories, well-groomed hair and skin, neat clothes - these are all attributes of a stylish image.

But troubles are different ... therefore today's Lifhaki from "so simple!" Created specifically to reanimate the victims for one reason or another items of wardrobe.

Stylish wardrobe

  1. denim Easily absorbs odors. If you wash your jeans too often, they quickly lose their original color. So to refresh the thing, put it in a plastic bag and leave it in the freezer for the night.
    How to brush jeans
  2. Update the suede shoes will help the nail file.
    Update suede shoes
  3. Removing traces of sweat from white T-shirts will help lemon juice And soda. Moisten the stain with lemon juice and expose it to dry in the sun. Then wash the thing as usual. For especially resistant stains in a damp cloth for an hour before washing, water 1 tsp. Soda.
    Wipe out sweat
  4. A wax pencil will help to move the dog on zaevshi zipper.
    Repair zaevshi lightning
  5. Smear the thread with which the buttons are sewn, transparent varnish. This will additionally fix them.
    So that the button does not come off
  6. So putting the braid in the hole is much easier!
    Braid in the hole
  7. Vaseline will help to mask the scratches on the patent leather shoes.
    Scratches on patent shoes
  8. And to give it shine will help a tool for washing windows!
    Scratches on patent shoes
  9. Shaving foam effectively removes stains from cosmetics.
    Stains from cosmetics
  10. Is a multifunction ring!
    Buggy ring
  11. Stretch tight shoes in wet socks.
    Stretch shoes
  12. Simple but ingenious trick!
    T-shirt on a hanger
  13. So you can wear a long belt so you do not have to shorten it.
    Tied belt at waist
  14. If you want to update your clothes ...
    Patches on elbows
  15. baby powder Will help remove fresh greasy stains from the tissue.
    Powder from stains

These lifhakas more than once helped me out! Taking on these simple tricks, you can look perfect in any situation. Do not forget about them to tell your friends!