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How to determine the type of a shape

Who would have thought that knowing the date of birth of a person, you can foresee the type of his figure. The science of numerology is able to reveal the secrets of the future!

How to determine the type of a shape

For this you need to add the number, month and year of birth. Add it until you get a one-digit number. For example, 12. 05. 1990.

1 + 2 + 0 + 5 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 0 = 27 = 2 + 7 = 9. The number 9 for a given person will determine the type of his figure. Try and find your Numerological date of birth.

How to determine the type of a shape

  1. Number one
    Such people often lead a very mobile lifestyle and rarely suffer from fullness. Movement only goes to their advantage, and the figure from this becomes slim and fit.
  2. Number two
    People of this type are prone to fatness and often sitOn diets. But not everyone knows that they are categorically forbidden to starve their bodies. Instead, you need to give preference to plant foods and move more.
  3. Number three
    This type of people is prone to unnecessary feelings. Everyone knows that the heavier the soul, the heavier the body. Try to get rid of excess loads of unpleasant experiences and you'll just be horoshete!
  4. Number four
    People of this type should do their favorite thing. The lack of moral pleasure from the work process can cause a strong sense of hunger. As a consequence, the body begins to store excess fat.
  5. Figure five
    The type of figure of such people directly depends on their life position. Optimistic people will have a slim figure. Live a full life, and your body will not accumulate excess weight!
  6. Figure six
    People of this type often have a proportional figure. To keep beautiful forms, it is enough to eat rationally.
  7. Figure seven
    It is important for people of this type to maintain good relations with the other half. Often because of such experiences they may begin to have problems with being overweight.
  8. Figure eight
    It is important for such people to learn to forgive offenses. Excessive resentment can give a push to accumulate excess weight.
  9. Figure nine
    This type of people is very prone to adjustment, and dropping the extra pounds will not be easy. It is important not to allow your body to store fat: an excellent find will be a diet containing acidic fruits.

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