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Repair of a small bathroom

This idea will appeal to all those who now do not have the opportunity to make a major overhaul of the bathroom. As it turned out, you can completely transform this important room without spending a lot of money ...

To do Bathroom repair by own hands, You just need a strong desire to change everything! Even a very small bathroom in Khrushchev will look quite different if you resort to these tricks.

Repair of a small bathroom photo

Repair of a small bathroom

Repair, even the most insignificant, begins withRejection of old things! To think only: the bathroom has changed, it was necessary to throw out unnecessary rubbish, old furniture, trifles, scattered everywhere ... then it is necessary to wash off all surfaces thoroughly, not sparing chemical means.

Then what happens to me was a surprise ... watching this video, you will understand everything!

It is impossible to hold back the rapture by looking at thisA converted small bathroom! Looks very stylish, while the cost of repairs - minimal ... I was inspired by the idea to paint the tiles in the bathroom and I'll do it the next weekend. If this video seems to be useful to you, be sure to show it to your friends!