/ How to wrap a dough beautifully

How to wrap the dough beautifully

It turns out Beautiful pastries Not at all difficult! Our editorial team has collected the simplest versions of preparation of openwork pies and rolls, we hope they will be useful to you ...

How to wrap a dough beautifully

  1. This idea is perfect for those who do not have time to tinker with cakes. Just make holes in the biscuit corn and the margins of his favorite stuffing.
  2. Cake with a hole inside

  3. To prepare apple rosettes, roll a strip of dough and put some apple slices on it. Then twist the strip in the shape of a flower.
  4. Buns of roses with apples

  5. The surprise of all the unusual woven gingerbread cookies!
  6. Cook gingerbread house conditions

  7. Twist such a pie under the power of everyone! The filling can be chosen to taste.
  8. How to cook a dough cake

  9. The easiest way to cook a puff with strawberries!
  10. Puff pastry with strawberries from puff pastry

  11. Favorite ears can be cooked at home with ease!
  12. Biscuit cookies at home

  13. Layered envelopes just conquered their grace.
  14. Puff pastries with jam

    Puff pastries with jam

  15. You can decorate a homemade cake with these colors. And let each tea party be a small holiday!
  16. Cake dough flowers

  17. Wrapping a few pieces of dough, you can get a whole pie!
  18. How to cook a dough cake

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