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How to improve brain function

You can not get up in the morning from bed and up to the lastScroll an alarm for 5 minutes later? Thanks to our special charging you will learn how to wake up easily and quickly. For this you do not need to perform a complex of heavy exercises, you only need Massage one's ears!!

How to improve brain work quickly

How to improve brain function

  1. The first exercise
    Put your hands behind your ears and bury your ears. Hold them in this position for a few seconds.
  2. Second exercise
    Grab the earlobes with your fingers, then slowly start pulling them up, down and to the sides. The main thing to do it is not very strong.
  3. Third exercise
    Put your palms on your ears, then slowly start rubbing and massaging them.
  4. Fourth exercise
    With light movements of the fingertips massage the tragus and ear holes.
  5. Fifth exercise
    Put your palms on your ears and make a few springy movements. This exercise helps to improve hearing.
  6. Sixth exercise
    To release the ear holes from sulfur, you need to perform a few simple exercises: rub the bulges behind the ear, bury the ears, rotate the tragus clockwise.

This 3-minute Charging for the ears Will help you to wake up easily and make your brain work at full power! Share with your friends useful information, they will thank you.