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How to deal with pests

In the breaks between the affairs of the garden so niceRelax in the shade of the trees on your site! The birds sing, the breeze rustles the leaves, buzzing bees buzz, the butterflies flutter ... stop! Butterflies are caterpillars, and caterpillars destroy crops with cosmic speed.

Yes, in order to be completely calm for the safety of the future harvest, it is necessary to work a little further. "so simple!" Picked up several ways Exclude pests from the site, Without using chemicals.

How to deal with pests

  1. aphid
    Reduce the number of these small insectsWith a simple trick. Wrap your hands with adhesive tape sticky side out and touch them to the plants. Ranks of pests will significantly thin out. Aphids will not appear on those beds where geranium (pelargonium) is planted.
  2. How to deal with aphids

  3. Slugs
    Slugs can cause considerable harm to plants,Especially under the cover of night. To cope with them can be as follows: put a distance of about a meter from each other, the capacity of the trap, filling them with beer or milk. Bury Traps In the ground so that the edge of the container rises above the soil by 1.5 cm.

    A barrier of pine or spruce needles scattered around the perimeter of the bed will not allow these pests to plants.

  4. Slug trap

  5. Cabbage butterfly
    save Cabbage crop From the invasion of the caterpillars of this butterfly is quite difficult. Small individuals eat only leaves, but large ones can penetrate into the head and lead to the death of the plant.

    Try to scare butterflies can be by planting around the cabbage dill, caraway or anise.

  6. Struggle with caterpillars on cabbage

  7. Mosquitoes
    These bloodsuckers can turn rest into a dacha into a real hell! But they do not tolerate the smell of cloves, basil, eucalyptus and anise. A few drops of these Essential oils, Applied to a heat source, scare off mosquitoes.
  8. How to protect from mosquitoes

  9. Wasps
    Scare off is possible if you pour a handful Ground coffee In a heat-resistant container, set on fire, and then extinguished. Fragrant smoke will not allow insects to approach.
  10. How to frighten off a wasps

  11. Moles
    Many gardeners have a dual attitude towards moles. On the one hand they loosen the ground and destroy the larvae of the May beetle and the bear, and on the other - they can rummage the entire site, leaving numerous heaps of land.

    If moles are not just jokingly deployed their stormy activity, try to pour soapy water or garlic infusion into the holes. This will help to deter the animal from the site without causing harm to it.

  12. Benefit and harm of a mole

There are many natural remedies for protecting the garden and vegetable garden, which allow us to do without the use of chemistry. Because it is much better to use ecological methods and live in harmony with nature!

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