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Tips from my grandmother

Be a modern grandmother - a happy lot! That's who exactly does not face old age ... running for three grandchildren, I learned that there is no limit to my imagination.

When you spend a lot of time with children, theyBegin to teach you many important things! Never give up in any situation, this is the case, and always find the strength to be surprised, these are the two. Hope these little tricks Will be useful to all - and parents, and fervent grandparents.

Advice from my grandmother

  1. Stickers on shoes Help teach the child to distinguish the right slipper from the left! And grandfather will not get confused in a hurry ...
    Useful advice from my grandmother
  2. Coins on the sole of children's shoes - a brilliant idea! The little dancer will appreciate.
    Wise advice from my grandmother
  3. Store dummies in a plastic container - the most hygienic method.
    Advice from grandmothers
  4. A trap for a cunning and very agile child! Do not go unnoticed.
    Advice wise grandmother
  5. The best stain remover is a dishwashing detergent, peroxide and soda mixed in equal parts. Even the most problematic spots disappear!
    My grandmother's advice
  6. Here in this container you need to carry children's food in the car!
    Advice to prospective parents
  7. An old bag for a camera with many compartments is an excellent container for carrying children's things. All at your fingertips!
    Tips for parents of preschoolers
  8. Puppet hair will cease to be tangled and will be surprisingly smooth if you apply a little conditioner to the laundry, dissolved in water.
    Advice from my grandmother
  9. The usual pillowcase is a reliable protection against mosquitoes.
    Grandmother tips photo
  10. Now no one will unwind too much toilet paper!
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  11. If entertainment, then only safe!
    Lifhaki for moms
  12. Thermal glue will help make rubber shoes less slippery. The pool is especially important!
    Lifhaki for dads
  13. Bright stickers on the machine will help children not get lost in the parking lot, it is useful to teach them to be next to the car.
    Advice dad
  14. inflatable pool! The child is happy and busy for a long time ... a golden tip to the father of any age.
    Tips for parents
  15. An organizer in case you need to urgently take a child. Felt-tip pen, cardboard, stickers, rhinestones - silence and peace in the queue at the children's polyclinic!
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  16. Elastic, which will teach the child to hold a pencil correctly!
    Advice from my grandmother

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