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How to stretch shoes

This is a frustration when just bought and brought home a pair of shoes Your dream in the re-fitting is, to put it mildly, cramped! Very sorry, because on the way from the store you already imagined how they will show off on your leg ...

Shake new shoes

How to stretch shoes

In "so simple!" Knows the right one Way to stretch new shoes, Which you can not fear for their integrity.

You will need

  • 2 bags with clasp
  • water


  1. Fill the packets with water a quarter. Close the clasp.
  2. Put the bags in your shoes, spread them.
  3. Put the shoes with packages in the freezer and wait until the water freezes completely.
  4. Get your shoes, wait 20 minutes, so that the ice thaws a little, take out the bags and dry your shoes.

You can again try on a new thing, to be sure of the effectiveness of this method! Look how clever the girl is doing this trick with the packages:

Really cool ?! Such shoe lyfhaki just called to make life easier for modern women of fashion. And do not forget to share the article with your friends, stop them from suffering with blisters ...