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The problem of domestic violence

According to the data, on average, every third woman in the world undergoes Domestic violence. It almost always happens that neither friends nor even close relatives know what is happening ...

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The problem of domestic violence

usually, Victims of domestic violence They are either afraid or ashamed to talk openly about their problem. But this can not be done in any case!

The "black dot" campaign,Launched by Irish activists, is designed to help women who are regularly exposed to domestic violence. The idea is that the victim of violence draws Black dot sign On the inside of the palm, photographed and laid it out in social networks.

Black dot campaign

This should be regarded by others as a cry for help, so they should immediately go to law enforcement.

Black dot on the palm

Effectively To resist domestic violence, The campaign should learn as many people as possible. Organizers urge everyone not to remain indifferent to this problem.

Black dot on the palm

It is important to remember that violence in any form is a crime! Silence in such cases will be a guarantee that the nightmare will continue for a long time ...

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