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How to store products

Often we throw out a large number of vegetables andFruits, without even having time to properly enjoy the taste of these fruits. For today's article, our editors have prepared several useful tips that will help preserve the freshness of your favorite treats.

How to store products

  1. To keep the freshness of bananas, wrap their feet with food film. So they will last 7 days longer!
    How to store bananas at home
  2. The apples should be kept separate from other products. They give off a special gas - ethylene, which accelerates the ripening of fruits and vegetables.
    How to store apples in the refrigerator
  3. That's how to freeze minced meat! Place the meat in a bag with a zipper and give it a flat look. Then use a wooden stick to designate the places where the minced meat will break off. Now you will not defrost a large amount of meat every time.
    How to store minced meat in the freezer
  4. To prevent drying of the cut cake, place slices of bread on its slices. If necessary, fix them with toothpicks.
    How to store cake in the fridge
  5. Put the onion in kapron tights to keep it fresh for 8 months!
    How to store onions
  6. Store honey in a glass jar with a tight lid. In no case can it be stored in iron or enameled dishes, from which the honey is oxidized.
    How to store honey at home
  7. Storing carrots in the sand is very popular among summer residents. Place the carrots in a box with moist sand in such a way that the fruits do not touch. For 10 liters of sand, use 1 liter of water.
    How to store carrots at home
  8. At room temperature, tomatoes stay fresh for longer.
    How to store tomatoes at home
  9. Before you put the vegetables in the freezer, you should blanch them with water or steam.
    How to store vegetables in the freezer
  10. To preserve the freshness of the green onions, put his bulbs in the water.
    How to keep green onions fresh

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