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Than useful chicken eggs

Around the difference between Brown and white eggs There are many rumors. Some believe that brown eggs are wholesome and much tastier than whites. Others believe that white eggs are created for baking desserts and a variety of cakes. Today our editorial board will dispel the myth about this ...

What distinguishes white and brown eggs

Than useful chicken eggs

  1. Eggs are very nutritious
    In eggs contain useful vitamins,Microelements and protein. Frequent use of eggs positively affects the condition of the hair, eyes and the whole body as a whole. On average, one egg contains about 80 calories.
  2. Cholesterol in eggs only positively affects the body
    It is contained in the yolk and is balanced with lecithin (a special substance that helps to process fats and cholesterol).
  3. Thermally processed eggs are more useful than raw
    In the raw eggs often hides a harmful bacterium - salmonella. It dies during heat treatment.
  4. White eggs are no less useful than brown eggs
    Contrary to the widespread myth thatBrown eggs are much more useful than whites, this is far from being so. White eggs do not differ from brown eggs. It's only the breed of chickens that carry these very eggs. The color of the shell depends on the color of the laying hen: the pock-marked eggs are brown and beige, and white chickens are carried by white eggs.

    At Selection of eggs Do not pay much attention to the color of the shell! Learn in detail how to recognize good eggs in our useful article.

  5. Diet eggs are much more useful than dining rooms
    All eggs can be conditionally classified intoDietary and dining rooms. Dietary eggs are those stored at the correct temperature not more than 7 days after the demolition. Dining eggs are stored for up to 25 days.
  6. Eggs should not be stored near foods that have a strong odor
    Thanks to the porous structure of the shell, eggs easily absorb foreign odors.

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