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Cooking Techniques

Some people refer to the kitchen as sacredPlace. The sacrament of cooking is a peculiar ritual. The dish will be successful only if certain conditions are met. Experienced hostess - as a minister of the cult, who knows exactly what and in what sequence it is necessary to make, that each piece was divinely tasty!

I liked these Culinary tricks: Uncomplicated, but so effective! Pay attention to number 6, I think this can be useful in many cases ...

Culinary techniques

  1. Is worth Soak onions in cold water For 15 minutes before preparing salads. He loses his excessive burning!
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  2. Before you start brewing coffee, add to itA pinch of salt, better sea, and a pinch of cinnamon. The drink will be insanely fragrant! It is delicious to prepare coffee with dried, ground into a powder of lemon or orange peel.
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  3. Add to salads Common salt!! This improves the taste of the dish several times, just try ... in addition, this salt is much more useful for health.
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  4. In any salads, add salt at the very last moment, right before serving! So that the dish of fresh vegetables was tastier, add a pinch of sugar along with the salt.
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  5. The secret of an ideal cake is simple! Observe this rule: for the preparation of the test, the amount of flour, eggs, butter and sugar in grams should be the same.
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  6. Obligatorily Add salt to the dough, Even in dough for sweet pies! A little salt in the dough will improve its quality: baking will be good to keep the shape, will be elastic and pleasant to the taste.
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  7. to prepare Perfect fried eggs, Cook it not only in oil, but also on the water. When the protein starts to solidify, pour a little water into the pan. Fried eggs will not burn from below, it will be much more useful and more delicious.
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  8. balsamic vinegar - not only an excellent dressing for vegetable salads, Italian pasta and a spicy marinade for meat.

    Try strawberries sprinkled with powdered sugar andSprinkled with a few drops of fragrant vinegar - incredibly tasty ... other fruits are also not bad combined with balsamic vinegar, it's worth experimenting!

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  9. Cutlets will be juicy and very tasty, if you add to mince instead of bread breadcrumbs.
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  10. Wipe dry pieces of meat before roasting: crispy ruddy crust provided!
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  11. Certainly add some alcohol to the baking: vodka, rum, cognac. This trick will make the dough crispy and fragrant!
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  12. If you do not like beans, try to put it out in beer! Together with the fried meat and vegetables, this bean will be surprisingly appetizing.
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  13. If you grease the meat 2-3 hours before the preparation of mustard, it will turn out very juicy! You can also sprinkle the meat 1 hour before the preparation with salt, allow it to stand, and then rinse with cold water.
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  14. Try to add a pinch of soda to the cooled,Bitter tea. Together with lemon, mint and cinnamon this drink is transformed and perfectly brightens up a hot summer day! In addition, soda helps to cleanse the kidneys.
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  15. Always mine and wipe the knives dry immediately after use: the blades will not be blunted for very long.
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  16. Soda will soften even very tough meat! Pour a little white powder on the raw meat before cooking, leave for 15 minutes, then wash with cold water. You will be surprised at the softness of the prepared dish!
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  17. Serve hot dishes in the preheated cookware to the table, and cold ones in the dishes cooled in the refrigerator. It will significantly improve the taste of any dishes!
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