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How to accelerate the metabolism in the body

Girls who eat a lot and do not get better, how do they manage it? Everyone thinks that this is magic, but in fact they simply Good metabolism!!

A huge role in getting rid of excess weight is playing metabolism. How to disperse it and speed up the process of losing weight - read in our article!

How to accelerate the metabolism in the body

  1. Fractional power
    His intention is to eat often andIn small portions. The daily ration is divided into 5-6 portions, and the number of calories in each meal should be the same. The size of the serving is very important: it should not exceed the size of your palm.

    When creating a menu for fractional food, you can use a special food pyramid. She will give you a general idea of ​​what foods should be included in your daily diet.

    Diet pyramid for weight loss

  2. Sufficient water
    With insufficient amount of water in the body, the liver will try to restore the fluid reserves instead of burning fats. Use this table and find out your daily rate of water.
    Water norm per day per kg. Weight
  3. A nutritious breakfast
    It is breakfast that launches your workThe digestive tract. The speed of metabolism depends on what you eat, throughout the day. Neglecting breakfast, you risk only gain weight.
    Breakfast for those who are on a diet
  4. Moderate intake of fatty foods of animal origin
    Fatty sausages, cheeses, butter, sweetsSignificantly slow down metabolism and practically do not turn into energy. You should carefully make up your menu so that these products occupy the minimum part of your diet.
    Products of animal origin
  5. Refusal of alcohol
    This is a very high-calorie product that is incompatible with good metabolism.
    Harm alcohol during a diet

An excellent complement to such recommendations will bephysical exercises. If you want to speed up your metabolism and lose those extra pounds, take these tips to your note. Share a useful article with your friends! Let them also learn how to lose weight quickly and easily.