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I do not really like it when on the walls and in the corners nearCeiling appears spiderweb. Of course, a clean house does not attract insects as much as a dirty dwelling, but even with frequent cleaning, the appearance of insects is a common thing ...

Spiders do not tolerate the smell of peppermint. Other insects also do not like a strong mint flavor. Great idea - to plant a house is a beautiful plant!

Mint photo

Homemade mint

Peppermint has a strong aroma, butOther varieties - curly mint, pineapple, lemon, - also fit for planting at home. The peculiarity of mint is that it is rather difficult to grow from seeds, so it is better to germinate in the water part of a mature plant and transplant it into a pot.

Mint in the house Protect not only from spiders, but also from differentBeetles, fruit flies and even rodents! You can also mix a little essential oil of mint with water and sprinkle this facility on the premises. A pleasant aroma for our sense of smell will become a powerful weapon against pests!

I do not see any reason not to plant mint at home! Making a cup of peppermint tea, I will remember with gratitude the accidentally seen advice ...