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How to treat numbness

Numbness of limbs This is a very important symptom that can not be ignored. It can cause diseases such as arthritis, arthrosis, osteochondrosis and many others.

If you are experiencing for a long time Numbness of hands or feet, It is worth immediately contacting a doctor. This symptom is often accompanied by severe pain. Folk medicine advises to alleviate painful sensations with the help of simple and accessible means and effective methods.

Numbness in hands treatment

How to treat numbness

  1. Sweet clover
    Many phytotherapists are sure that the bestA remedy for numbness of the limbs is a medicinal miliary. Brew a teaspoon of dry herbs in one glass of boiling water for 10 minutes. To drink an infusion it is necessary within two days on 2 glasses a day.
  2. Contrasting trays
    Hold your feet or hands for a while in the coldWater, then hot. Do this procedure overnight for 15 minutes, then smear the sore spot with warming ointment and go to bed. Course of treatment 10 days.
  3. Camphor ointment
    Add a few drops of essential oil of eucalyptus to the camphor ointment. To rub this means numb limbs best before bed. A course of 3 days is enough.
  4. gymnastics
    Excellent for numb fingers and brushesHand gymnastics. Raise your hands up and start bending and unbending your fingers. Do this 80 times, then lower your hands and repeat the exercise. So you will improve the circulation in your hands and take off the pain.
  5. Method of Tibetan monks
    This method also works great for numbnessHands and fingers. Take a small bowl, pour a little hot water into it. Alternating hands, slowly press your fingers on the bottom of the bowl, do not overdo it with the force of pressure. This procedure well relieves pain.

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