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Pouring cold water

Always hated a cold shower! Since childhood, everyone is talking about the benefits of hardening, but overpowering yourself and climbing under the chilling streams means using the entire resource of willpower. Very cold, very unpleasant, a real shock to the whole body.

To begin hardening, I was forced to have health problems. Frequent headaches did not pass, and the doctor advised this procedure. Just enough to do Baths with water and ice: The effect of the procedure is stunning, the advantages of hardening are immediately felt! But who knew that thanks to this, you can even lose weight ...

After the body gets used to the ice baths, you can start Dousing with water. The force of the cold shower on the body surprised me!

Cold water pouring

Dousing with cold water

  1. Thanks to pouring you can lose weight! cold water Accelerates metabolism And tones the skin, fat cells are burned more actively throughout the day.
  2. A cold shower removes fatigue, a feeling of tension and pain in the muscles.
  3. After dousing with cold water, the hair becomes shiny, smooth, because water of this temperature smoothes hair scales.
  4. Washing with cold water helps the face skin to stay healthy and young! This will help avoid drying the skin.
  5. Water procedures improve blood circulation. It helps to increase immunity, protects the skin from wrinkles and eliminates cellulite.

The benefit of pouring hard to overestimate! Tell us in the comments, have you ever tried to pour cold water and did you feel the healing effect. Hardening procedures Can radically change your life and well-being, it's worth a try!