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Make-up rules

A woman would not be a woman if she did not try to emphasize her beauty in every way! But sometimes when looking at this or that woman, it seems that makeup She did with her eyes closed ...

How to apply makeup

In an effort to follow fashionable images, too often girls fall into extremes, and the result is comical. "so simple!" Tell you, How to avoid mistakes in makeup, So as not to add to yourself inadvertently 10-15 years.

Make-up rules

This video describes the most common Makeup mistakes, As well as ways to prevent them. Time to learn and receive compliments!

Remember that none, even the most skillful make-up,In forces to add a lively shine to the eyes and a healthy shine to the skin ... therefore, to maintain youth and beauty, you must observe the correct diet, do morning exercises and take positive attitude to life!

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