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Damage to vegetable oil

The hot vegetable oil is pure poison, whichWe feed our body. Doctor of asymmetric malhotra, a famous British cardiologist, published interesting studies on this topic. Obesity, heart disease, diabetes of the second type and cancer - this is the payment for the love of fried foods!

Toxic aldehydes Are released into food when the sunflower is heated,Corn and other vegetable oils. Butter and animal fats are much safer for health, as it turned out! Also worth using olive oil.

Damage to vegetable oil when heated

Harm of vegetable oil

Use of toxic aldehydes orInhaling these toxic compounds leads to an increased risk of cancer and various heart diseases. Perhaps, the best thing you can do for your health is to give up sunflower oil and go to a creamy or olive oil.

You can also try to use the usual Parchment for baking. Cut out a circle of parchment and put a frying pan on it, so you can fry cutlets, meat, fish and cheese cakes without a drop of oil!

Taste of vegetable oil Often interrupts the natural taste of products,Which you cook. Refusing sunflower oil, you will discover the familiar dishes again ... eating without oil contains fewer calories, which is important for everyone who wants to lose weight.

Studies of various scientists sometimesContradictory and cause certain doubts. But in the case of vegetable oil, they are probably right ... share with your friends information that can change their state of health and strengthen their health!