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How to draw arrows in front of eyes

Long been looking for such instructions! As many as 9 kinds of different arrows and a simple way to draw them - all in one video. After watching you probably want to make yourself a make-up, I tried new methods immediately!

How to draw a video arrow

How to draw arrows in front of eyes

There is no more spectacular way to transform the look! Arrows can in a matter of minutes make a real queen of a simpleton. The main thing is to observe the basic rules of applying make-up, for example, to draw arrows on top of beige shadows. This trick will help them to last longer on the skin of the eyelids and maintain the clarity of the contour.

Watch a video about How to draw piping arrows Or a pencil. I'm sure you'll succeed!

I really liked the option number 5! If this video seemed useful to you, show it to your friends. So many women dream to learn how to make perfect hands, but for some reason they are afraid to experiment ...