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Decoration of a site

I could not pass by this brilliant, in directSense of the word, ideas! Having at hand simple materials, you can make a magic decoration for your garden. I will certainly try and create a similar thing, at the cottage it is not enough ... just imagine: the flowers in the frame of an amazing garden of stones will be even more beautiful!

Site decoration

You will need

  • Plastic balls
  • glass balls
  • Glue gun


  1. To make the product look more complete, it is worth painting the plastic ball in a suitable tone before you start making jewelry. such Decor for the garden Worth a penny, but looks pretty decent!
  2. Site decoration

  3. Choose the right color for the glass balls for your ball. Green, blue, blue, purple - all these shades will look great on the site!
  4. Decorating a piece with your hands

  5. With the help of a glue gun you can easily transform the ball!
  6. Stone decoration

  7. The main thing - do not forget to take these cute pieces from the site when the frost hits. Any other conditions the decoration will carry without problems!
  8. Decoration of the plot near the house

  9. Here's what happens in the end! Having seen this charm on your site, the neighbors will exactly ask where you got it from ...
  10. House decoration

  11. How shines! I will decorate this with my own flower bed.
  12. Decoration for giving photos

About how to make a unique Site decoration, See a short video! Showed this video to his girlfriend, and she was happy, like a child.

such Decorations for cottages Are very relevant this year. I think it's worth demonstrating to friends such an idea: maybe someone will not like it as much as me, but the ingenuity of this woman definitely deserves attention!