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How to fold a T-shirt

Today's Way to store T-shirts Will definitely be appreciated by those who at least once spent a lot of time searching for the right thing on the shelf. "so simple!" I am sure that there are a lot of such people ...

How to fold a t-shirt

How to fold a t-shirt

Most people store T-shirts with piles. But, as practice shows, this is completely wrong! It often happens that you catch the right thing from the pile in an absolutely unfit for wear form ...

The trick shown in the video will definitely change your life. Now you can take out the right T-shirt from the closet, at the same time it's not rumpled, easy and fast!

Try to fold so t-shirt, it's very convenient! I was so inspired by this idea that I applied it for folding and other clothes: sweaters, leggings, jeans, underwear.

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