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Incompatible products

These products are so familiar to us, but very few people know that they should not be confused in any way. From the point of view of ayurveda, the process of assimilation of food should occur without negative consequences.

Bloating, pain, gas, nausea, problems with stools ... we at least occasionally experience these effects Wrong alignment of products. Today our editorial board will tell you how to eat properly, so that food will bring only benefit and pleasure!

Incompatible food products

Incompatible products

  1. cucumbers and tomatoes
    These are incompatible products, but all because of the fact thatThey are differently absorbed by our body. When acid is released in the stomach to digest cucumbers, tomatoes are waiting for their turn and begin to wander.
  2. Fruit after eating
    Fruits are digested by our body very quickly. So they can not stay in the stomach for long. If you eat a delicious fruit after a hearty dinner, the process of fermentation is inevitable!
  3. Lasagna or a hot sandwich with cheese
    For digesting proteins and starches we need differentAcidity levels. Our stomach starts with proteins, and starches are waiting for their turn. Undigested starches are fermented and then decomposed.
  4. Cheese and meat omelette
    It is impossible to combine such quantity of proteins in one dish. One concentrated protein is enough for one meal.
  5. Oatmeal with milk and orange juice
    Acid in orange juice destroys the enzyme, which is responsible for the digestion of starches. Also sour fruit can curdle the milk, turning it into a mucus.
  6. Beans and cheese
    This combination is guaranteed to lead to bloating. Try to avoid combining these products.
  7. Melon and meat
    Melon is best used separately from any food. Should eat a variety of fruits apart from proteins and starches.
  8. Bananas and milk
    Lovers of delicious banana cocktails shouldKnow that such a combination is not favorable for our body. To accelerate the process of digestion, add cardamom or nutmeg to the cocktail.
  9. Yoghurt and fruit
    The combination of any dairy products with fruits slows digestion, leads to changes in intestinal flora and the release of toxins.

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