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The Benefits of Coconut Oil

Today coconut oil has become a popular cosmetic. It is used as a moisturizer, make-up remover, body lotion.

Our editorial staff will share with you the secrets of the unusual Application of coconut oil. Take these advices into service!

Coconut oil is good for the body

The benefits of coconut oil

  1. nail care
    Rubbing coconut oil in the skin around the nail plates, you can easily get rid of dryness and scaling of the cuticle.
  2. With varicose veins
    Coconut oil helps in the early stages of the disease, when only varicose stars appear. Rubbing the oil daily in problem areas, you will soon notice an improvement.
  3. Against cellulite
    Mix ground coffee and coconut oil until pasty. Taking a shower, do a little massage using this scrub. Massage the problem areas for about 10 minutes. Coconut oil Effectively promotes smoothing of small tubercles on the skin.
  4. Prevention of stretch marks
    Coconut oil is the most effective and safe means for preventing stretch marks during pregnancy. Apply it regularly after taking a shower on the abdomen and sides.
  5. From swelling around the eyes
    Every evening, apply a small amount of oil under the eyes. The next morning you will be surprised at the effectiveness of this method!
  6. For whitening pigment spots
    Coconut oil effectively eliminates small skin defects. Just smear it with spots or scars that you want to get rid of.
  7. For straightening hair
    Many girls daily suffer, straightening stiff curls. To level the hair, it is enough to take a small amount of oil, grind it in your hands and lightly hold through the hair.
  8. For wound healing
    Of course, no one talks about applying oil to open wounds. After the formation of a protective crust grease them with a daily damaged area of ​​the skin. This will greatly accelerate the healing.
  9. As a remedy for intestinal parasites
    It's no secret that coconut oil perfectly improves the digestion process. But few people know that, using it systematically, you can naturally get rid of the worms.

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