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Lifshaki for every day

these Lifhhaki, which make life easier, - accidentally overheard scraps of friendlyConversations. Friends of the bad will not advise, and these resourceful decisions are a vivid proof of all known truth. Enjoy your life, making it better every day! I hope that such tips will help you a little ...

Lifhaki for every day

  1. Advice to men: women's shaving machines are sharper and last longer! Advice to women: if the shaving foam has ended, safely replace it with a balm-rinse aid for hair or baby oil for the skin.
    Lifhaki for every day
  2. Here's how you can put an extra set of underwear in a suitcase or backpack!
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  3. The stretch sheet is ideal for relaxing on the beach. Through the high ledges inside will not get sand!
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  4. Wax crayon burns well and in an emergency can be used instead of a candle. One chalk burns in 30 minutes.
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  5. An ingenious way to carry headphones in your pocket so they do not get confused.
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  6. Now you will not hit the hammer on your fingers!
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  7. To instantly wake up in the morning, squint your eyes with all the power of seconds for 20, and then open it. Then sleep as a hand will remove!
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  8. If you boil water before freezing, the ice will be transparent! For cocktails most that.
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If you seem to be fascinated by these tips, recommend them to your loved ones! The best gift is a friend's tip.