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Bad shoes

For what I like Vietnamese, so it's for an amazing time saving! Shoes without fasteners are stunningly convenient ... but for comfort you have to pay too expensive a price.

Inexpensive summer shoes - all kinds of slates, flip flops and flip flops - there is a danger that very few people know about.

Summer women's shoes

Bad shoes

  1. Pain in the knees and lower back
    If you wear flip flops more than 1 hour a day, there is a risk of pain in the back and joints of the legs. The whole point is the lack of instep arresters, which should support the arch of the foot.
  2. Load on tendons and bones
    Flat thin outsole has a bad cushion, because the legs while walking in such summer shoes are very affected. The foot is beating from the asphalt, and the shoes at every step painfully hit the heels.
  3. Lack of protection when walking
    So open shoes do not protect the legs at all, so the danger of injury to the stone or glass shard is very high.
  4. Risk of infection
    Blisters and scrapes that appear when walking in flip flops, can cause infection of the body - through microcracks on the skin, bacteria and viruses easily get into the blood.

Vietnamese can and should be worn only on the beach andPool, never - in the city! Try to actively walk in them no more than 1 hour a day, because these shoes are not designed for serious workload. exist Orthopedic summer shoes Similar models, but because of the high cost it is not widely available. So that your favorite sandals with straps are the best choice!

To children such footwear, by the way, is completely counter-indicative. Share this article with your friends who do not think their life without vatnamok! It will be useful for them to find out.