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Simple make-up

Beauty starts from the inside! Makeup, of course, solves many problems with appearance. But if you drink a little water, get tired and sleep a little time - it will inevitably affect the appearance, and hide it will not work even with the help of makeup ...

Though, wait! There is one trick that will help you look gorgeous in the morning and throughout the day, using at the same minimum makeup.

Simple make-up step by step

Simple make-up

Always wash with cool water - this will lead toSkin tone and make the complexion healthy. Bruises under the eyes and swelling will help remove the towel soaked in icy water - put it for a short while on problem areas.

Make the look bright and open will help ordinary eyelash curlers: even without using mascara, you will transform, taking advantage of this irreplaceable for every woman thing!

Useful tricks will show you the heroine of this video! Natural beauty is always relevant.

It is important not to forget to do a light household peeling on a regular basis. This procedure will ensure a perfect look and a smooth surface of the skin! Be sure of your appearance and smile more often. Girls without makeup Can be beautiful, show this video to your beloved friends!