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Home Tricks

No one will argue: Cunning women Has no boundaries. What are we inventive creatures! Faced with minor domestic troubles, we can come up with a thousand extraordinary solutions ...

I do not get tired of admiring women's resourcefulness and I use it successfully! I hope you, too, on occasion, will benefit from these practical recommendations.

House tricks

  1. Soak fresh Stain from red wine Napkin. Then apply to it a gruel made of salt and cold water. The spot will disappear instantly!
    Home-grown tricks
  2. To escape from light spots on a black cloth will help an ordinary marker. A simple trick, but it works!
    Simple tricks
  3. Here's how you can find out if you fit jeans without trying on them! If the ends of the belt do not meet behind the neck, they are exactly small.
    Care of clothes and shoes
  4. An interesting idea for torn jeans! That's what you can do with tights, which have arrows.
    Home for home
  5. Lemon juice perfectly removes yellow spots on clothes in the armpits.
    Lifhaki for life
  6. Wet wipes will do well Stains from deodorant.
    Lifhaki for girls
  7. Transparent varnish will help securely fix the sewn on the button.
    Useful advice for home
  8. Hairspray excellent clean Stains from lipstick With any clothes. Put a little varnish on the stain and wash the thing in the usual way.
    Useful tips for life
  9. One part of vinegar and one part of water is the ideal spray for removing stains from leather shoes.
    Useful advice in everyday life
  10. A razor and an adhesive tape remove the spools from the clothes.
    Useful tips in life
  11. So you need to wear tight jeans!
    Useful in everyday life advice
  12. The hair tongs are flawlessly ironed Shirt collar.
    Women's tricks in everyday life
  13. T-shirt from an old T-shirt: Very easy to do!
    Women's tricks for the house
  14. Vodka, diluted with water, will help remove any unpleasant smells from your clothes!
    Women's tricks for every day
  15. Moisturizing cream will update the leather shoes and give it a shine. Not worse than special means for shoes!
    Home female tricks

Simple tricks, But they adorn women's everyday life. If you were satisfied with this article, please share it with others!